Azimuth Radio Technologies is Proud to Present “ARTlink Connectivity Solutions”

These days, Vessel Internet Communication with the Office it is considered an essential instrument for an effective and efficient Vessel ShipManagement.

Furthermore, Crew welfare is now strongly connected to internet availability onboard (free or paid) allowing Crew to connect with their families and friends.

In addition, modern fleet monitoring and performance systems, PMS systems, Cyber Security Systems are in need of stable and good internet connection.

ShipOwners/ShipManagers whilst looking to satisfy the need of the Internet Connection with the Vessel, have had to rely on Satellite Communications.

Unfortunately, Satellite Communications include high capital investment, high monthly costs on data transmission, low speeds in many cases and as a result unsatisfied Crew or Passengers.

Knowing all the above, Azimuth Radio Technologies is here to provide you with the link to the world:

  1. Cost effective, low capital investment
    • Main Box, 2xExternal Antennas, 2xWifi Antennas, Cable at 3200euro (one time fee)
  2. More benefits provided than traditional Solutions
    • Embedded wifi/firewall/failover/GPS fleet tracking/WLAN/VPN…
  3. Fixed low budget Sim Card Options/Flexibility from different providers
    • Starting from 120euro/month worldwide coverage
  4. High Connectivity Speeds compared with the traditional Solutions
    • Up to 4 different cellular providers
  5. Easy Installation, it can be done by the crew

Feel free to ask for a full presentation!!