Added Value Services

Added Value Services provided by Azimuth Radio Technologies include:

V-SAT Satellite Communications Installations

With a wide variety of V-SAT equipment providers available in the market, our service engineers can recommend, install and maintain the right system for each client with an affordable daily charge or lump-sum.

Broadband Solutions

Considering that conventional broadband solutions may be expensive to buy (hardware and airtime) and maintain, our company can offer tailor made packages with alternative ways of achieving Broadband connectivity i.e GSM solutions (LTE / GSM, FBB with LTE failover, Wifi Long Range as WAN).

Cyber Security Installations

With the maritime industry looking forward for Cyber Security Solutions onboard their vessels, our company can provide installations and reliable solutions to support subject requirements.

IT Administration Solutions

Some IT tasks require resources that may not be readily available onboard – these may be knowledge, experience, equipment, or just the time to ensure that a critical job is done correctly. Our team has long experience of working for both ship owners and ship managers and can provide support and guidance either remotely or by attendance onboard.